Office 2016, Office 365, Office Subscription


How to Setup Office

  1. Open the browsers of your choice (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera)
  2. Visit in your Browser.
  3. Click on Sign In, and Sign In with your Microsoft Account (If you don’t have Microsoft Account, Create one)
  4. If you have already made the purchase from a Store or Online, You might have recieved a key in your email or it will be on the back side of your Office Subscription Card.
  5. Enter Product Key After signing into Microsoft Office Account.
  6. Click Next to Installation Page of the Office.
  7. After you click on Install Office, Your browser will prompt you to Download the Setup file. With .exe extension. Click Save and Run (incase it does not run automatically, the setup file will be in the downloads folder.)
  8. Run Setup file of Your Microsoft Office Subscription. And Go through the Installation.



Office 365 is a cloud based version of Microsoft Office. It includes all the Microsoft Office Applications like Word, Powerpoint, Access, Excel and it also includes One Drive and Skype for business with Live Confrence call ablitites.

To setup Microsoft Office we have to:

Office Setup

To Download the Office Setup, You need to visit and sign in to your Microsoft Account, After signing in to your Microsoft Account you need to enter your product key and continue to download the Setup.

Office Setup

After you have successfully downloaded the Office Setup in the previous step, You can now run that Setup File, After running it, A step wizard will open. It will guide you through some important steps, where to install the Product and More. 

Office Setup

Once the installation is Done. If you have not yet activated your product by using your Product key at . You can still activate your Product by going to the file menu of any Application (word, excel) and update options to Activate your Product.